Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

There is no reason for our customers to be under-confident and unhappy with their bald patches or thinning hair! All you have to do is get yourself hair extensions and you’ll get the mane of your dreams overnight!

The best part is that these hair extensions not only add length but also volume to your hair, and here at Radiance, we have tons of options in terms of types, colors, and styles for our customers.

The types of hair extensions available at Radiance Clinic are:

The Tape-in: This is the simplest hair extension procedure available. It can be used for a variety of hairstyles and you can, instantly, get the hair of your dreams!

The Weaving: This is the most popular hair extension method right now. Absolutely no effort is required to achieve larger, volumized hair with no glue and no heat.

The Micro Ring: The micro ring procedure is intended for people who currently have long hair. Adding plenty of volume to your scalp for you to show off. With no heat or glue involved, the method is once again super safe.

The Clip-on: Forget about achieving an overnight hair goal; the clip-on technique allows women to achieve a thick mane in no time! This is the simplest and most universal method.

Benefits: Talking about Pros!

Always wanted thick, luxurious hair but didn’t like the fake look of synthetic extensions? We got you! The beauty industry has advanced to human hair extensions, which has resolved all of these concerns. Here are some advantages to help you make the right decision.

Our extensions are natural and come in a variety of colors, making it easy to select the appropriate option. The extensions do not give a fake appearance and blend in to make you look and feel your best!

Not only are these extensions a great solution for those battling balding or excessive hair loss but also work well to add volume. The best part? You can change the style and color as and when you please.

Human hair extensions eliminate all of your concerns in an instant and allow you to show off your best self. So say goodbye to your past and hello to Radiance hair extensions!

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