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Founded in 2009, Radiance Hair Clinic understands the impact of hair loss on confidence and overall quality of life. As people age, hair loss increases, hurting their self-confidence and well-being. Hair loss causes emotional anguish, leading people to try many therapies, frequently to their regret and despair.

With 15+ years of experience, Radiance Hair Clinic is a beacon of hope. We carefully design our hair patch assortment to fit different scalp sizes and provide a natural look. To ensure quality and safety, we carefully check and sterilize our 100% natural human hair patches.

Our products let you swim, ride, and sleep freely. Our inaugural 10% discount on high-quality items offers unmatched value and outcomes. Make an appointment today to see the change. The Radiance Hair Clinic provides happiness and a bright smile.

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Why Radiance Hair Clinic?

Transform Your Hair, Transform Your Life.

Our Cutting-Edge Hair Replacement

Experience Radiance's cutting-edge non-surgical hair replacement system for baldness, offering fast results at a reasonable price.

Quality is Our Secret

We process 100% natural human hair without chemicals or instruments, so you'll have lovely hair.

See Radiance's Magic

Experience Radiance's customized hair units, delivering natural, undetectable solutions with unlimited length, volume, and color options.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available to assist you when needed. Whatever your difficulty, our customer support team is here to help.

What are the benefits of getting a hair wig?

Hair wigs have the potential to conceal hair loss, boost confidence, and instantly switch styles. Their adaptability lets you try numerous looks without committing. Comparatively, wigs are convenient and low-maintenance.

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Our Store

At Radiance Hair Clinic in Delhi, discover superior hair solutions. Our services include hair weaving, extensions, cutting, bonding, and more. You can find the best men’s hair wigs in Delhi and modify them. This includes delivering the best hair patch solutions in Delhi. Welcome to our store, where every visit will enrich your uniqueness. Let Radiance Hair Clinic transform your appearance and your confidence. Experience top-notch hair care and style today.

Our Hair Replacement System Offers Key Benefits

Are you experiencing hair loss or feeling embarrassed about a bald head? Fear not! We offer a solution to your problem with countless benefits.

Product Features:

Our hair replacement procedure is 100% safe, with no side effects or pain. No pills, no surgery—just hair.

  • Quick Installation: It takes just an hour! This is the fastest hair replacement process available on the market.
  • Easy Maintenance: You can brush or wash 100% natural hair that doesn’t tangle like your own.
  • Workout-Friendly: Swim or exercise with confidence—our hairpiece remains secure and undetectable.
  • Easy Removal: Our high-quality spray safely removes the hair unit in minutes, making the process reversible.
  • Customizable Hairstyles: styles tailored to suit you.
  • Secure Hold: No worries about it coming off! Our hair replacement is so strong that it feels like your own hair.
  • Instant Transformation: Change your look for different occasions effortlessly.
  • Perfect Fit: Our customized hair units match your own hair perfectly and fit you precisely.
  • Simple Care: Easy to maintain and style, ensuring that bad hair days are a thing of the past.
  • Endless Hairstyles: There are unlimited options to choose from, ensuring a style that suits you.

Non-surgical hair replacement is a hair loss treatment where artificial hair or extensions are used to cover thinning or bald areas on the scalp. This includes methods like wigs, hairpieces, toupees, and extensions, offering a versatile solution for individuals seeking to enhance their hair’s appearance without surgery.

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See the Difference: Real Patients, Real Results

See the Difference: Real Patients, Real Results

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Nikhil Saini

12 days ago

I tried many treatments but unfortunately didn't get any solution. Finally, I got the solution at Radiance Hair Clinic. I met Mr. Gufran, who suggested I hair-latch according to my existing conditions. I am really happy with the final look.


Vikas Khurana

22 hours ago

I visited this place today, following a recommendation from my friend, who guided me to a suitable location where I met Mr. Gufran. He suggested skin base quality, and I am really happy with the quality and my look.

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Hair Weaving

Hair weaving involves adding extensions to existing hair to create fuller, longer, or different hairstyles.

Hair Extensions

Enhance your hair’s length and volume with high-quality, natural-looking hair extensions.

Hair Clipping

Quickly add volume and style with easy-to-use hair clipping extensions for instant transformation.

Hair Bonding

Securely attach hair extensions with professional hair bonding techniques for long-lasting style and confidence.

Hair Replacement System

Restore your hair seamlessly with our advanced, natural-looking hair replacement system for confidence and style.

Customized Hair Wigs

Create your perfect look with personalized, natural hair wigs tailored to your unique style.

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