Tape-in and Clip-in Extensions for Men and Women

Hair extensions are often put to the head in three ways: with glue, with tape-ins, and with clip-ons. Although the glues used are medicated, some people are afraid to use them. Tape-ins and clip-ons are the greatest solutions in such instances. Tape-ins involve applying both sides of a tape to your scalp and attaching extensions to it. Let’s get to know about these solutions!

Radiance Provides Advance Tape In & Clip In solutions

Radiance Hair Clinic offers the best form of tape-in hair extensions that last for 6 weeks. We use natural human hair rather than synthetic hair so that you may easily manage both your natural hair, which is kept cut and the extensions with shampoos and other products. We guarantee that you will look fantastic at the end of the process.

Tape-ins, however, need to be managed once attached to the head. It is better for some tapes to not be made wet or not combed when wet. As a result, clients frequently choose clip-ons as a substitute. Clip-on extensions can be used as a cap because they can be opened and re-worn at any time without visiting a salon.

Radiance will give you a lustrous look with clip-ons that will make you feel confident and attractive. We apply the clips-on in such a way that they are simple to attach and remove.

Benefits of applying Tape-in extensions

Tape-in is to be applied over the scalp. So this is an extension in which no surgery is required. The entire procedure is simple to implement and completely painless.

While using tape-ins, you can effortlessly switch between styles. You must, however, visit the salon for this purpose. Tape-in extensions have a lifespan of 4-6 weeks. As a result, if you do not change your styles quickly, they will serve you for more than a month.

The hair lengths of the extensions are ideal for women’s hair. These usually appear in a variety of styles and formats. Professionals will lead you to the one best suited for you.

Benefits of applying Clip-in extensions

Clip-ins will provide you with a lot of versatility because you may attach and detach them whenever you want at home.

If you are given a human hair extension cap, you can keep them for a long time by utilizing shampoos or serums.

The caps are long enough that you can wear them with your trimmed hair or by adding clips to your bald section.

If you have semi-permanent hair loss and want to apply for clip-in extensions in the afflicted regions, you will have that choice as well.

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