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“Friends come and go, but a good hairstylist is forever!”

– Unknown

We at Radiance Hair Clinic are that friend who understands how you feel about yourself is closely linked to the look and health of your hair. It is natural for hair to thin and fall as we age. For many, this can result in low self-esteem or a lack of confidence.

Our clients tell us stories about everything they have tried to restore natural growth – innumerable consultations, going to different clinics, taking medicines and oiling their scalp for months only to end up disappointed. It is best to accept that everyone, and we mean everyone, suffers some degree of hair loss and thinning with age. But we at Radiance believe that it is not necessary for you to live with thin, lifeless hair.
We come with 20+ years of experience and are determined to bring life back to your hair and put a smile to your face. We guarantee it.

Our Imported Hair Patch line includes a variety of solutions based on the form and size of the customer’s scalp, as well as items tailored to his or her specific style and needs.Since we understand the importance of a natural appearance, our items are produced from 100% natural human hair that can be pasted with a specially designed adhesive that is expressly designed for this purpose and is safe for the skin.

Our ultimate goal is your happiness, which can only be achieved by supplying the highest quality hair patches that have been rigorously inspected and sterilized to prevent any form of medical complications.

Just like with your natural hair, your can swim, ride a bike, sleep and feel beautiful and confident and that too with an inaugural discount of 50% on any of our products.

Book your appointment today and we guarantee full satisfaction and a beautiful smile on your face!

Our Vision

Our goal is to create a space where everyone feels at ease and welcome. Our main priority is the client, and our primary goal is to provide excellent service at an accessible price. We put in great effort to ensure that each and every client receives exceptional service from the minute they walk in. We strive to make our clients feel at ease and provide them with the best service possible. Our hair experts are masters of their craft and many of them are now training the next generation of hairstylists. We also encourage experimentation and innovation to ensure that we provide cutting-edge service and products to our clients.

Our Mission

Our objective is to go above and beyond expectations in order to serve our clients with professional, high-quality services. We wish to create a one-of-a-kind environment where men and women can enjoy a comprehensive range of hair and beauty services at a reasonable price. Our skilled and expert team attempts to provide the greatest hair replacement procedures possible by utilizing the latest products and techniques, ensuring that our clients are always satisfied. We have endeavoured to create a warm and pleasant environment where lifelong learning, continuous progress, and excellence are valued.

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